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The DMC Network’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Since 1978, the DMC Network has pledged to be the Business Events Industry’s most trusted and reliable collective of destination management companies. Our motto – We’re there for you! – embodies that promise to our clients and the 100+ regions where we live and work.


We believe discrimination has no place in the DMCN, but resting on our beliefs is not enough. Silently mourning does nothing to support marginalized members of the global community we are so grateful to be part of. Our silence ends today – Black Lives Matter, and racism is a pandemic that must be confronted head-on...



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Getting Involved: From Student Member to Board of Governors

By Megan Johnston, CSEP, DMCP | Director, Event Services at Accent Indy, a DMC Network Company


Let’s rewind a decade - I was finishing up my degree at Ball State University in Hospitality Management, eager to start my professional career, and looking for every opportunity to stand out as a young professional. I had a job lined up after a successful internship, and I asked my boss what I could do to jump-start my career. She simply replied, “get involved.” At the time, she was serving on the Board of Directors for our local International Live Events Association (formerly International Special Events Society) chapter, and that seemed like a great place to start..



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Experience New Orleans – where the good times continue to roll

By Accent-DMC, a DMC Network Company


In a world that requires physical distancing, you can still get up-close and personal with New Orleans food, music, and culture – safely, of course! New Orleans has everything you need for an exciting yet safe trip, whether an incentive or the site for your next conference.


Don’t worry, we’re used to wearing masks in New Orleans, and as a proud Southern city, we take hospitality very seriously. New Orleans is eager to welcome you and has created numerous precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy...



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The Passions Behind the People

By Meredith Shepard, Administrative Manager of the DMC Network


The time of day...

Mornings. I love the idea that each day is a new start and anything can happen.  Mornings are insane at my house as I get my three girls (Abigail – 13, Claire – 10, and Gracie – 7) out the door.  You can find me with a cup of coffee in one hand, a hair brush in the other, and Taylor Swift providing the soundtrack to our mornings. I have always thrived on chaos and craziness and it is during those times that I am most productive.


The activity…

Running. Going for a run is one of the only times I get to really decompress and have some quite time to myself. There are beautiful desert trails right out my back door...


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A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For CoVid

By Chris Baker, Director of Global Sales, DMC Network


Growing up, we always had family dogs – black Labrador retrievers, the most affectionate and fun breed. The tradition continued with my brother, who now has three black labs in his family that his children adore. Friends also started introducing dogs into their lives, and I could see how much their lives were enhanced.


I love animal interaction and knew I always wanted to get my own dog, however I always felt my lifestyle didn’t quite work – I travel a lot and wasn’t sure I had the right time to dedicate for those important first 6 months of bonding and training, so the years went by, and while I continued to toy with the idea, the time never felt quite right, and it simply never happened...



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How to Prevent Burnout When Planning Virtual Events


I was a sales leader in events for over a decade and I loved what I did, who I did it with and who I did it for. I was a success - but one day I woke up and it felt like everything changed.


A few years ago, somehow the career I had spent years building became something I felt trapped by. The team I’d built endlessly frustrated me and I resented them. The work I loved and brought me so much happiness left me feeling… nothing.


Have you ever had a moment like that? Perhaps a season like that? Are you feeling worn down like that right now? I get it - and I didn’t know it at the time, but I was burning out.



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