What made you interested in joining Terramar?

I wanted to return to the DMC space but wanted to grow with a company who would also grow with me. It was also important for me to maintain a semblance of work/life balance, and Terramar values my time with my family as much as I value our clients and their time.

What are you looking forward to showcasing about San Diego and sharing with clients?

Our growing culinary scene is bringing the best, brightest, and freshest to Southern California, and also pairs perfectly with our craft and microbrewery culture.

Many of our hotels and venues have renovated and created fresh spaces during the pandemic, so I am also excited to share the latest and greatest with our clients, even if they have been to San Diego before — it is all new now!

Finally, our hospitality! Everyone in San Diego is welcoming and excited you are here. We are a special alcove in the California coast.

Is there anything you’re especially looking forward to in your destination this year?

Baseball is everything in San Diego so I am looking forward to cheering the Padres all the way to the World Series, starting in April!

Terramar is also part of the DMC Network — hence this post! Why are you looking forward to connecting with other partners in the DMC Network?

DMCs are a special niche in the meeting & events industry; no one understands them unless you are in one or work with one closely. So being part of the Network is truly special, and for our clients to have the relationship with the Network is unique. I look forward to the friendships that will grow from being part of the Network and with clients. It’s my favorite part of what I do!

What’s a go-to topic others should reach out to you about, other than your DMC role?

Anything dog-related or fiction books! I am obsessed with my two dogs — Ruca and Kahlua — and the world of dog rescue. But I am also always reading a new book. I read about one every two weeks at this point.


Thank you to Kelly for giving us a peek into what awaits in San Diego! Be sure to read part two of our Terramar destination showcase featuring Kelly’s new Tahoe-based colleague, Matt Robertson.

You can also reach out to Kelly to learn more about bringing your next event to San Diego!