Learn how to get to 'Amazing' with Purposeful Meetings at IMEX America 2017

By Carina Bauer

Learn how to get to 'Amazing' with Purposeful Meetings at IMEX America 2017

By Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX Group

You know you've succeeded as a planner or organizer when people walk away from your event, conference or unconference saying 'Amazing!'

With that one word, that one exclamation it's clear that the person was engaged. That they were moved by new information and new connections. That they had a memorable experience which resonated and they felt a part of something strategic, surprising and energizing.

That's the nirvana of our industry, right?

But how do we do that? How do we get to 'Amazing'?

In an effort to define 'Amazing' and create a unifying rally cry for the industry, IMEX decided to bring our education offerings for 2017 under the talking point of Purposeful Meetings and launched a study about it too.

Purposeful Meetings are meetings that engage and inspire. They're enjoyable and deliver long-lasting positive experiences that touch hearts and minds. They focus on adding human-centric value.

To help create them, Purposeful Meetings take into account five key elements—Behavioral Science, Health & Wellbeing, Event Design, CSR Legacy and Positive Impact, and Technology.

At IMEX America 2017 you'll be able to dig into all of these elements starting with the Smart Monday keynote featuring Janet Sperstad, CMP from Madison College who'll reveal the final results of our IMEX Purposeful Meetings study which focuses on how we can make our meetings more human-centric.

Being able to harness some - or all - of these five elements creates much more powerful meeting experiences. That in turn will make us much more strategic and valuable as meeting pros.

Case in point, Zuzana a member of our IMEX team recently experienced the me Convention in Frankfurt. This first-time event was hosted by SXSW and Mercedes Benz and focused on the future and innovation. It left Zuzana thinking more about the increasing integration between people and technology in her life and work, and about how to build more playful thinking into meetings and events. The one consistent word she's using to describe the experience back at the office is... 'Amazing'.

The list of what jazzed her about the me Convention was long. She met the world's first Cyborg who can 'hear' colors he can't see through an embedded antenna. All the session lighting, use of natural light, and music was in full sync with session content. The topics and speakers were surprising and truly new and insightful to her.  Food and refreshments were predominantly healthy and available anytime - for free. The open layout and co-mingling (not just co-location) with the Frankfurt Auto Show created an overall innovation vibe. The show app was at the center of constructing her own unique learning experience and capturing notes she could simply email to herself, and on and on.

Exciting isn't it!?! We think so and that's why we're really looking forward to diving into the incredibly rich and energizing topic of Purposeful Meetings with you in Las Vegas next week at IMEX America.

Together we can all learn and experience more about how to move our industry ever closer to consistently delivering 'Amazing!'

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