By now the sad and tragic news has reached the farthest corners of our industry. I’m referring, of course, to the deeply upsetting news of the passing last week, as a result of a motor accident in the South of France, of our DMC Network affiliate, Miek Egberts, of InspireME, Monaco.

Miek was killed instantly in a fatal accident that also left her 18 year old son, Federico, in a coma, although, I understand, he has since shown signs of recovery and is recognising family members. Thank God for that.

Miek was a powerful force of positivity and good, a profoundly caring individual who always saw the human face in every challenge, problem or set-back. Tributes to Miek are appearing by the hour on Social Media and it’s astonishing to note how much good one single person can do, and just how far their impact can extend.

I keep thinking of Frank Capra’s brilliant movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” as there’s a touch of George Bailey about Miek although, unlike George, Miek did travel extensively all over the world! Miek’s story is like George Bailey’s in the way she was so connected to so many, without, perhaps, being aware of the extend of her connectedness. Or of its importance to those she was connected with.

And that’s the way with kindness. We tend to under-estimate its power, sometimes even thinking of it as weakness. But Miek was kindness personified. Always the one to reach out in a time of difficulty. Always the one with the encouraging word. Always the one with the listening ear.

And, of course, Miek’s passing in her mid-fifties leaving a loving husband and two teenage children puts everything in perspective too, particularly as we struggle with the difficulties and challenges imposed on us by the global pandemic.

Let’s take Miek’s gift of perspective to heart as we count and treasure the blessing in our own lives. And let’s also remember Miek’s extraordinary kindness and try to channel it as we go about our building our business back better.