I keep regular eye on our industry’s media and wanted to draw your attention to two recent articles on the future of incentive travel in “Meetings Today” and “Incentive magazine”.

Danielle Le Breck’s excellent piece in “Meetings Today” calls out 5 incentive trends to watch – rise and rise of domestic destinations, new focus on resorts, #WFH, CSR and increase in hybrid. The good news is that all these trends bring more opportunities than threats for our DMC community, but the one that stands out for me is #WFH.


I’m quoting the popular hashtag that means Working From Home to stick it to my fellow DMC Network columnist, Heidi Heresay, who thinks I’m a sad dinosaur with zero knowledge of the conventions of social media and the way the “yute” speak these days.


#WFH is also the theme of Pádraic Gilligan’s (SITE’s Chief Marketing Officer) article in Incentive magazine. This trend interests me in particular as it identifies a brand new market for incentive travel and motivational events and, consequently, opens up exciting new horizons for DMCs.

Gilligan’s article is inspired by a piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in June spotlighting how tech companies are re-directing budget line items previously allocated to real estate and office leases etc to company trips and motivational events, based on the new normal of #WFH or remote work.

Trips are specifically designed to inculcate company culture, foster esprit de corps, facilitate social connections amongst individuals who mainly connect with each other and with the company, digitally. Examples are given from, All Turtles, ChartHop, not fortune 500 companies, mind you, but none of the top 3 companies in the world today were Fortune 500 companies 15 years ago!

Do DMCs know how to design destination experiences that inculcate company culture? And, if you pardon my French, do we know how to foster esprit de corps?

Can well designed destination trips facilitate social connections amongst colleagues that know each other from work but not from life?

We all know the answer to these questions is a big, fat YES!

That’s precisely what we do.

DMCs can bend and shape their destination experience so that all of these soft power objectives are reached and exceeded.

It’s in the DNA of every DMC.

And you can put a hashtag in front of those TLAs if you want!