Experience the Slopes of Russia with Global Russia DMC

As well as boasting a professional skiier on their team with CEO Fedor Vergus, did you know that Global Russia DMC has some of the best ski resorts in their destination? And for the extreme sports fans among us- some pretty incredible helicopter skiing tours!

Our Russian DMC partners have put together a handy guide of their top spots for you here, along with the promise of some top tips on improving your technique from Fedor himself!

Rosa Khutor

Located in Krasnaya Polyana (Sochi), this destination was host to the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Boasting a plethora of incredible slopes (102km in total) along with a host of hotel and dining options.


Sheregesh is the largest ski resort in Siberia. Here, winter sports are situated between elevations of 670 to 1,270m. This spot is also fantastic for those looking for some extreme ski action, with plenty of slopes for free riders to choose from.

For those looking for that even bigger adrenalin rush, skiing among untouched natural landscapes that can only be reached by helicopter might be up your alley:

Kamchatka Heliski

From March right through to the end of June, Kamchatka has some of the world’s most unique heliski season. Ski down the slopes of mountains, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, to the crater of an active volcano or right to the wild hot springs!

Baikal Heliski

Stretching out more than 350 km, Khamar-Daban is one of the most interesting mountain regions near Baikal lake. Start off with a traditional Siberian breakfast of kasha, butterbrots, and tvorog, (bet you are curious to know more about this, get in touch ) then spend the day experience low-dense, powder snow skiing like you have never experienced before!