CE Group showcases virtual with the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship Tournament

This March saw our partners CE Group extremely busy with the arrival of this year's Annual NCAA Women's Basketball Championship Tournament, taking place in their home city of San Antonio.  As we can all imagine, this year's event is a production unlike any other year, and one in which creative minds definitely were exercised!

'Our missions on behalf of the NCAA and the local organising committee was, how do we bring the community to the student athletes when they again are pretty much in a sequestered situation'  co-chair of student athlete virtual engagement Janet Holliday and President and CEO of CE Group shared.

In order to bring these two group together, CE Group partners with Xcite to create an exciting concept called 'Tourney Town Connect' .  Through this platform, CE Group was able to bring the on-site 'hoopla' traditionally experienced at these events to the students in a virtual way.

This unique platform is open to all 64 student athlete teams and brings the city to the players through both virtual and hybrid experiences.  It has musical performances, workouts, cooking demonstrations and even a virtual arcade.  Video messages from sports figures such as UTSA's Dr. Lisa Campos, San Antonio Sports' Jenny Carnes and Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon.

The entire team at CE Group are truly delighted to be a part of creating this solution for the NCAA Tournament this year and are looking forward to feedback from the teams over the coming weeks.

Click below to watch an interview piece on News4SA with Janet and the CE Group team.