City Festival
Electric Daisy Carnival


City: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: June 21-23, 2013

Attendees: 345,000



The challenge:


To create and provide an effective transportation plan to move 35,000+ guests from 5:30pm to 7:30am in a 15 mile distance to a location with an attendance of over 350,000 attendees. This challenge included securing 330 buses from 5 states while coordinating with the DOT, NV Highway Patrol, Metro Police, Public Work, Medical Units and City officials. Training and preparation was required to a field staff of 120 to assist with crowd control, point of purchase ticketing and transportation registration. Identifying and procuring, multiple pickup locations at numerous large hotel resorts presented great challenges under extremely crowded conditions of the 12 selected properties on the Las Vegas Strip. Our expertise and knowledge of our city played key in designating this effort.


Our plan:


Intricate planning was key to our success. Bus routs were an integral part of our planning process which included an arduous effort to secure a route going through Nellis Air Force Base and to minimize further overcrowding of the interstate highway. Pick up locations and the transfer process would also be tested and examined to determine the most effective and safe locations for a successful transition. Knowledgeable and prepared staff would be the foundation for the success of this program. Intense training was given priority to selectively appointed staff.


Our solution:


Hard work and diligence paid off in being awarded this business for 3 years running! We successfully orchestrated the largest transportation movement, to date, in Las Vegas...Three days in a row!


Award received:





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